Joe LoBianco

Joe  is a director who makes short and full length feature films. Having worked in TV and music previously, Joe’s first love is film & photography. As a director of music and film Joe started his career working for commercial and industrial clients such as the New York Jets, Bloomingdales and IBM. Joe’s photography has been featured in  many publications throughout the world including The NY Post. Currently, Joe is directing the full length feature Three Doors From Paradise and he looks forward to concentrating his efforts and talent on more feature film work.

About Us

Golf never sleeps


We take special pride in our post-production work. Our editing suite is state-of-the-art. Editing, color correction, color grading, special effects and graphics are carefully planned and executed. We use the latest versions of Premiere Pro, After Effects, Speed Grade, DeVinci Resolve, Photoshop and more to achieve our goals.



What We're Excited About:

Tin Mirror Productions is a film production company, founded in 2016 by two seasoned and accomplished production professionals, Joe LoBianco and Tom DiOrio.  Their vision had a single goal in mind, to create experiences that are intensely compelling for audiences. It is the overall mission of each production to quickly draw audiences into the story and to make them feel as if it is their own. 

"We want to compel and engage our audience on an emotional level to create a sense of participation," explains Director, Joe LoBianco.  "We accomplish this by creating perspectives in each scene that are so emotionally real, it instantly pulls them into the story."


Tom DiOrio

  • Producer
  • Audio, foley
  • Composer
  • Electircal engineer, fabrication

Our Founders